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Nankai Lock - Your Security Bedrock

It is guaranteed that the lock of Nan Kai is hard to open.


No Key-hole


No unlock tool

Undetectable to sound



No way to feel by hand

Rust proof

Since 2005, the founder of Nan-Kai Lock has planned and designed the locks which are hard-to-open for the worldwide people to have more security in their property protection!

All the locks in the market need to have better security in their lock structures due to the following key defects:
1. Any electronic lock in the world is very easy to be unlocked by the theft by using the backup key.
2. For mechanical lock, it needs only 3 months to make the mass production of decoding tool to open the lock and can be buy in anywhere.
3. It needs only a small tiny and powerful magnet to make the electronic lock losing its effectiveness.
The target of Nai-Kain Lock is to design a kind of backup key if electronic lock.
In addition, the founder also has planned to design a mechanical assembled lock which cannot be decoded by ears or sense of touch.

Finally, the hard-to-open dialing disc locks have been designed after 5 years of research and trial tests.
The new designs won the silver medals of 2009 and 2010 Taipei international Invention Exhibition.

Nan-Kai Lock was formally founded in 2011 and has won many patents of invention and new design, including Taiwan, China, USA, Japan, India, Egypt, Philippine, Russia, and EU countries.

As a professional company for the design and production of mechanical locks, we concern about the property of mass!
All the products including their parts are made in Taiwan to ensure their excellent qualities.
Expect our products to making the whole world in a better security.

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2014/05/01 Invite Dr.Lee to be consultant.
2010/09/30 Silver award winner at 2010 Taipei International Invention Show.
2009/09/26 Silver award winner at 2009 Taipei International Invention Show.